Why chase wealth? You already have it!

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< When I was younger, I used to think that I had to move away to be successful. All of the successful people I could think of (mostly musicians and actors) had moved to a major city like Toronto, Los Angeles, or New York to become the best in their fields. Now that I am a little older and wiser, I can see how flawed my old thinking was.

One of my mentors told me to read a book years ago called “acres of diamonds” by Russel H Conwell. The book is a classic and the story is unforgettable:

1) There is a wealthy man with a successful farm
2) The man is wealthy because he is content with his success and his farm
3) The man hears about diamonds in a far away land and the riches they can bring. He begins to feel discontented with his successful farm. Through his discontent, becomes a poor man.
4) The man sells his farm to chase diamonds in a faraway land
5) The man becomes impoverished, starves and commits suicide. His resources were wasted and he found no diamonds.
6) A second man buys the first man’s farm and by chance finds a shining object in the ground
7) The buyer of the farm discovers the largest diamond mine in the world under the ground of the farm and becomes wealthy.
8) Had the first man tried digging on his own farm, he would have become very wealthy and would have had everything he desired.

I absolutely love this story because it perfectly illustrates my old thinking and my new thinking side by side.

I used to be the man who believed that wealth was out in a far away land. I used to believe that wealth was external and that money had to be chased. I used to have a deep feeling of want and discontent with my situation and this led to misery. Through experience I have learned to stop looking for treasure outside of myself and have begun to mine the diamonds inside my mind and my heart.

Instead of looking for wealth outside of myself I have created wealth out of my talents, skills and experiences. Through focus, persistence and careful planning, I have created my own diamond mine through my business and my brand. The most amazing part of my transformation is that all of my wealth and success has been created by “mining” deep inside of myself to find my passion, my love and my essence.

By extracting these powerful inner forces, I have been able to create massive results in the external world. I didn’t have to chase riches in the oil fields of Alberta or chase the dream of being a rock star in Los Angeles. Instead, everything I needed was right here, in Winnipeg, the unglamorous, geographical centre of Canada, and one of the least desirable and lowest earning capital cities in western Canada.

What doesn’t matter is where you are physically located, or what your personal circumstances are, everything external is irrelevant. What is most important is that we understand that there is treasure buried deep inside of ourselves in our passion, desire and genius. If we can dig deep enough to find the treasure, the potential for wealth is unlimited.

“Wealth is of the heart and mind and not of the pocket.” – Pharrell

Thanks for reading!
Stefan Aarnio