Vision: Laying Brick or Building a Cathedral?

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6178508 < Remember: Please share this article if you found it helpful! Two men are laying brick, and one man is miserable. He lays brick after brick and curses each brick as it’s laid upon mortar. The other man is excited and filled with joy to be laying the exact same brick. What makes these two men different? One man has vision: he is building a beautiful cathedral. The other does not: he is merely laying brick. These men are identical men, performing an identical task in an identical way, but one is energized and overjoyed while the other miserable and depressed. I recently hired a coach to take my life and business to the next level. The first thing my coach had me do was fill out my “vision” board. I was unprepared for a vision board because I had not spent much time creating a vision for my business and myself. After being assigned to create a vision, I started to spend serious time to thinking and took action to construct the vision that will fuel my life and my business. What do I want my life to look like? What do I want my home to look like? What do I want my health to look like? What do I want my bank account to look like? What do I want my workday to look like? Etc. The list goes on. Vision is so powerful because once we have a great vision, we can literally reverse engineer our reality from the blueprints of a great vision. Just like the two men, one can see the lines of a cathedral in his vision and he feels like he is contributing to a larger mission and a beautiful creation. The other man can only see bricks and mortar. Each brick he lays is painful, his body is exhausted and he works like a slave. Which man would you rather be? After becoming more conscious of vision and spending some time to create my own “vision plan”, I feel like I can no longer offer advice to the people who ask me for advice. When someone asks me for advice, I always ask, what his or her vision is. It startles me to find out that very few people have visions for their lives. Most people are satisfied with just laying brick. Only a very select few are building a cathedral. Many people have goals, hopes, and dreams but few have a vision. The vision, in many ways is more far more powerful than transactional goals, baseless hopes and action-less dreams. The reason why I prefer a vision plan to all of the above is because a vision can be reverse engineered into actionable steps that can be executed each day. Goals are often one-dimensional, hopes are for the hopeless and dreams are for dreamers. However, a strong vision that has been reverse engineered into daily actionable steps is unstoppable. We must create the vision of our cathedral and then begin laying brick – one brick at a time. If we are consistent and persistent in our “bricklaying” actions, eventually our Cathedral will begin to manifest and the vision will come to life. The people with the strongest visions are the leaders in all facets of life. Visionaries like; Steve Jobs, Gandhi, and Henry Ford all saw the world differently and worked towards their vision. Through a powerful vision, reverse engineering of that vision into a blueprint, and execution of the small actionable steps of the blueprint, the world can be changed one “brick” at a time. The future belongs to those of us with strong visions, clear blueprints for achieving the vision and a specific plan of daily actionable steps. In your life today, are you laying brick or building

a cathedral? Whose cathedral are you building? Your own? Or someone else’s? Thanks for reading, Stefan Aarnio < P.S. Please share this article if you found it helpful!