Making Money the Smart Way

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Making Money the Smart Way
By: Robin J. Elliott

We’ve heard all the cliches that are trotted out by so-called “experts” – You have to risk a lot to make a lot. You have to sacrifice your time with your family / your family. You have to be focused on one specific product or service and one specific demographic / psychographic customer model. You have to own your category on the Internet. You have to create a successful image (so lease an expensive car, pay a small fortune to graphic artists, printers, et al, lease an expensive, “impressive” office, buy a franchise, buy a business… I could go on all day.

My response to all this claptrap is, “Not necessarily.” I’m an unusual kind of entrepreneur in that I hate risk. So I run my business with no cost, no risk, no employees, no inventory, no leases, no limitations, and no cost of sales. So everything I earn is 100% profit. That’s 90 – 95% of my income. The other bit is coaching and speaking engagements, both of which cost a little time, but both are designed in order to create more passive income. And I live pretty well. I don’t buy stuff I don’t need with money I don’t have to impress people who don’t care. Nobody cares how old I am, how smart I am, what my academic “qualifications” are, what experience I have, where I live, what car I drive…

Sounds too good to be true, right? I’m not talking about some Ponzi scheme, Forex, Network Marketing, real estate investing – none of that stuff. This is simple, logical, risk free, minimum time. I use Leverage, and I do that through the medium of Joint Ventures. I’ve been doing it for 25 years. You can do it anywhere, from anywhere, regardless of who you are, where you are, or how old you are. It takes some learning and some work in the beginning, and of course the more you learn, the more you can earn, and the faster you learn it, the faster you can create enough residual or passive income to live very comfortably indeed, with enough time to enjoy your life and the people in it.

Joint Ventures are based on the simple idea that if you bring a business more sales, they will pay you a commission – that is a part of their profits. So you can literally introduce new customers to any business that agrees to pay you a commission, and you can develop multiple income sources in different industries and in different places and countries. There is literally no limit to this concept, because it takes little time and you don’t need to understand the business – just the benefit of using its products or services.

Business owners, how does this sound? I took a profit centre in my business that had taken nine months to get to $4,000 per month and boosted it to $20,000 per month in FOUR DAYS – with one, risk-free JV. If a JV Broker did that for you, would you pay him or her a percentage of that $16,000 increase every month? You would if you’re smart. It’s money you wouldn’t have had.

How you find those customers, how you link the customers to the businesses and get paid, how you develop as a Joint Venture Broker is what I teach. And I also teach business owners to use this same principle to increase their sales and profits and only pay for results – that is commissions for sales – thereby removing risk and limitations. Less that one percent of small business owners understand and use Joint Ventures, whereas the practice is very common in large businesses. It’s nothing new; it’s just new to the owners of small businesses. Once you understand and use Joint Ventures, you control your income and your financial destiny. Imagine having twenty different income streams from twenty different business! That, in my opinion, is called “security.” Having a job is about as insecure as you can be.

I recently made a phone call to introduce a friend of mine who helps people get taxes back from the CRA to someone. That five minute phone call earned me a commission of $4,000. And it saved his client a LOT more. Pure profit. Win / win / win. Some people work hard to earn $4,000. Or they have to sell a lot of stuff to net $4,000. There are MANY ways to make these JV’s happen. You don’t have to leave your home if you don’t want to. Our primary focus is real, brick and mortar businesses with real people and real money, not online JV’s.

If this sounds too good to be true, check out a few testimonials on my website – I have hundreds more – and objectively consider how logical this is. What I’m saying is that whether your a business owner who wants to increase your sales and profits, or you’ve lost your job or can’t get a job, retired, a school child, just got out of prison, someone who simply wants to supplement their income, a senior, a new immigrant – it doesn’t matter. Joint Ventures are a very safe and viable option. No more excuses. And it depends on how much you learn and how fast, and how much you put into making it work. And the best part? Even if one of your Joint Ventures underperforms or doesn’t work at all, nobody loses any money!

Next step? Grab a free membership, take a one dollar trial or contact me direct to see if personal coaching is the way to go.