10 Ways to Get 10 Times More Time

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by: Stefan Aarnio

Time management is an extremely important skill and always must be refined. It is spent and budgeted like money, but we are too often wasters of our own time.

1) Only read emails in batches, delete junk as it comes in, never open email without setting a next action (aka don’t flag unread after reading)
2) Almost everything important can be done over the phone, this eliminates travel and waste of time texting
3) No TV period, throw it in the trash. No video games. No drugs, No alcohol, No smoking, no junk food. No unpurposeful facebooking.
4) Become results/action focused and keep daily and strategic lists. Carry in a note book at all times, revise often.
5) Create a schedule and stick to it. Practice being exactly on time for meetings and time sensitive events. Not early, not late. Exactly on time. Allow for chaos only if it is productive.
6) Journal all actions done each day at the end of the day to keep a log of what was accomplished. This can be rewarding and affirming or will reveal time killers instantly.
7) Delegate weekends to friends and family, workday hours, monday to friday 8am-Midnight for business.
8) Take action NOW. Focus on doing things immediately rather than at a later time.
9) Get 10 things accomplished before 10 am every day
10) Control your response to incoming distractions. Spot time wasting people before they rob you and avoid all together.

Thanks for reading,
Stefan Aarnio

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